flip (hippiecrap) wrote in kebabjournal,

The Mionster

The beast of a keebab I've been trying to eat is known as "the Monster keebab"

It comes on the largest naan I've ever seen, about 18" long

good mix of meat on it, donner, chicken, chikken tika, lamb

onions and peppers come as standard.

Nice warm chilli sauce

you might think this sounds not bad, not too much of a challenge, but usually when I've finished eating it, it still looks like there is a full keebab left.

By the way, I'm no small man, I'm 22 stone, love my food, and have a rep for eating a lot.

My brother about the same size as me, failed about 3 times before he conquored the beast. I was hocked, but he had no salad on it (just the onions and peppers) so I think he cheated.

plus a few other guys I know, about 24 or 25 stone have failed to eat it.

It's from a place in stockport called sonia's palace.

advertised as the "biggest keebab in town" and from what I've seen is, it is.
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