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Name: Flames Grill
Location: Havelock Road, Hastings.
State of reviewer: Reasonably Refreshed
Rating: 5/5

The last time I was in Hastings I had what can only be described as a ‘seriously disappointing’ kebab so when it was suggested that we went for a kebab two nights ago after enjoying plenty of beer for the seaside I was preparing myself for disappointment.

We wondered into the brightly lit Flames Grill and I studied the menu for a few moments to see if they specified what type of bread they used: those crappy pitta breads or a good proper naan bread. Since the bread type was not specified I asked the kebab vendor himself who said that if I wanted a kebab with a naan bread I could have one. Sorted!

In the kitchen area I could see my naan being prepared and then saw it brought out and placed in a pizza oven to cook for a couple of minutes after which it was taken out and placed on a large sheet of paper.

The whole process of piling the kebab meat onto the naan seemed to take a while – not because the people making my kebab were in any way slow but because of the colossal amount of kebab meat being stacked. Chilli sauce was added then the whole thing was rolled up, wrapped and placed on the counter.

The kebab was huge. It was the size of Popeye’s forearm and must have weighed at least 2kg. Finishing this beast off was going to be a challenge.

The cost of the monster kebab was much less than I expected: the kebab plus a chips and cheese butty (not for me) came to a princely £5.50. And we got a couple of cans of Coke for free.

Upon eating I found the naan bread to be just the right texture and consistency: not to wet, not too dry but just right. The kebab meat itself was the most grease free I have had in a long time. There were no big lumpy bits of gristle in it and it wasn’t too overly seasoned. It tasted like meat instead of lard filled with cheap spices and sawdust. Finally, the chilli sauce was just right. I have noticed that the further south you go the milder the chilli sauce becomes but in this place they seemed to have the level just right.

An all round excellent kebab. Unfortunately there was just too much of it for me to manage.
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