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Slightly Off-topic...

Had an excellent Falafel filled flat bread from the 'Mouth Music' take-away stall just round the corner from Cambridge Market Square. Ok, no dubious meat in here, but it was a kissing cousin of the kebab with eye-wateringly hot harissa sauce and tahini. 4 falafel are cut in half and lined up along the centre of the bread.

Price: £4.00
Chilli rating: Oh at least 7.5 / 10. Man that harissa is harsh (but good!)
Salad: I opted for a half portion of fresh rocket leaf and a half portion of carrot and cashewnut salad.
Holdability: Excellent. The guy serving tightly wrapped the flatbread and plopped it into a waxed paper sealed bag. No spillage of contents or leakage of chilli sauces.
Speed: Handed over the cash and my lunch was in my hand in less than 3 minutes.

Mouth Music promises contemporary vegetarian catering...

...and they even have a loyalty card promising cake or soup with organic bread.
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