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Place: Sinbad's
18 Stonegate Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 4HY
Rating: 3.5 pieces of meat, 4 Chillies
State of Reviewer: Refreshed, but cogent.

The tale:

Sinbad's is one of those places that, if you believe the menu, does the lot: Burgers, pizza, curries, kebabs. But don't let that put you off - if you're after superior kebabbage, theri their cosmopolitan pretensions do no harm to the main product they purvey...

Went in there last week with a colleague at around 22:30, looking for something fat, meaty and spicy to drag home and devour. We were not disappointed.

I went for a special mix @ £5.30, comprising any three meats from the kabab menu plus the associated accompaniments. Colleague went for same, but with different fillings.

Me: Donner / seekh x 2 /
onions, tomatoes, lettuce / plenty of chilli sauce.

Colleague: Donner / seekh / chicken / all the salad
/ plenty of chilli sauce.

There was a five-minute hiatus (which is longish, but at the same time comforting giving rise to the hope that stuff might actually be getting cooked to order) before the man reappears with two packages, each approximately the size of a rolled-up copy of the Sunday Times. Quantity, at least, was not going to be an issue!

We legged it back to my place and unrolled these monsters on the kitchen table.

The naan was spot-on: slightly crispy on the outside, slightly elastic but still soft with a bit of a "chew" to it.

The donner meat was copious, tender, spicy, juicy, no bits of bone or other nastiness and every single strip was toasted on one side, indicating that they hadn't rushed slicing it off the elephant's leg. Similarly, the seekh were huge - about a foot long. irregular (indicating home-making) and had a nice char from cooking over charcoal. They were highly spiced with a real chilli kick as you tasted each piece.

My colleague's chicken was a little insipid - huge chargrilled, reddish lumps of chicken. Well cooked, not at all dry, but the spice was lacking.

The salad was fresh, crisp and plenty of it, without detracting from the overall meat-domination that we saught.

The chilli sauce was a triumph - a complex mix of sweet, sour, garlic, spice and with herby undertones. It wasn't stupidly or offensively hot, but you really knew there were chillies in there and our eyes and noses responded appropriately.

Overall a great kebab experience. If it hadn't been for my colleague's slightly disappointing chicken it could have been 4, rather than 3.5 for the meat, but the place is still highly recommended.

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